Finding someone to buy your silver items can take some time, so you need to make sure that you look around and find the best silver dealers Little Cedar has to offer. This way, you can make sure that you get the best price possible for all of your valuables.

A good buyer will carefully assess all of your things to give you an accurate understanding of how much they are worth. You can then use this information to decide what to do. Selling your silver can earn you quite a bit from the right dealer.

Wrist Flair

3979 Echo Ave, Saint Ansgar, IA 50472

(641) 590-4662

Dean Jewelers

219 N Main St, Charles City, IA 50616

(641) 228-2931

Dean Jewelers

800 N Main St # 1, Charles City, IA 50616

(641) 228-2931

Coin Store & More

301 1st Ave NW Ste 2, Austin, MN 55912

(507) 433-7011

Silpada Designs

318 W Elmore St, Manly, IA 50456

(641) 454-2061

EZPAWN Payday Loans

1417 4th St SW, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 423-0920

Grunwald & Kiger Fine Jewelers

4700 4th St SW, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 423-5116

Fred Meyer Jewelers

100 S Federal Ave # 408, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 423-0726

David Lee Jeweler

202 2nd St SE, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 424-1243

Color Fusion Glass Jewelry

719 S Van Buren Ave, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 423-1279

D & M Window Cleaning

719 S Van Buren Ave, Mason City, IA 50401

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418 21st St SE, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 420-5390

Riddle's Jewelry

100 S Federal Ave Ste 305, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 423-7833

B & B Coins

1631 4th St SW # 125C, Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 424-8048

Tactics That Successful Silver Dealers Use

Silver is a commodity. That means that any single ounce of silver is worth the same as any other ounce of silver at the same purity level. It's been used as money in a variety of cultures and silver dealers use tactics to buy and sell silver and make a profit. Here is how they do it.

Wholesale Markup

Silver dealers are in business to make money and they often do it by buying silver coins or bullion at wholesale prices. Perhaps they were able to buy a silver coin for the rock bottom price of $15. When these coins become scarce in the market, the dealer may choose to offer them to a collector. Collectors pay a higher price and remove the coins from circulation. The dealer makes a profit on the markup over the wholesale price that he paid.

Replacement Cost Price

A dealer should never sell anything for less than the cost of what it would take to replace it. That's the philosophy of most successful dealers in metals. They take the long view and buy silver when it reaches a low. Let's use the same number we used above. Say they bought an ounce for $15.

That's a good buy because the price of silver typically goes for more than that. To gain a profit, the dealer will have to hold onto the bullion until the price rises. At that point, he must sell it at a price no lower than what it would cost him to replace it. If silver has risen to $30 an ounce, he's made a tidy profit when he sells.

The first tactic requires finding the right kind of buyer in order to make a profit. The second one requires patience while waiting for the market to change. Both can be very lucrative.