If you are looking to buy silver and add it to your collection, it is important for you to find a great dealer. There is nothing worse than getting your hopes up and finding out that you have been taking advantage of.

You, just like myself, have the right to buy silver Antioch has plenty of purchase options. It is up to you to search through what is available to find what it is you were looking for. Do not keep going to people who are not silver experts when you can find everything you need here.

American Coins II

434 Lake St, Antioch, IL 60002

(847) 838-9003

Trader Jon's

1514 N Cedar Lake Rd, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

(847) 740-5000

EZ Pawn

315 W Rollins Rd, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

(847) 740-0648


8607 Antioch Rd Ste 8, Salem, WI 53168

(262) 586-4498

Trader Brothers

120 S Lake Ave, Twin Lakes, WI 53181

(262) 448-1550

Harbor Coin

5250 Grand Ave Ste 6, Gurnee, IL 60031

(847) 596-2476

Midwest Gold Buyers

6310 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031

(630) 289-4653

Gold Max USA

3430 Grand Ave # 200-300, Gurnee, IL 60031

(877) 465-3629

B & B Jewelry & Pawn

4005 W Kane Ave, McHenry, IL 60050

(815) 900-2434

Old World Coin

1301 N Riverside Dr, McHenry, IL 60050

(815) 900-9582

Ebesco Inc

1301 N Riverside Dr, McHenry, IL 60050

(847) 623-2774

Woodstock Jewelry & Pawn

400 W Kane Ave, McHenry, IL 60050

(815) 900-2094

Gold Max USA

1112 Front St, McHenry, IL 60050

(877) 465-3629

Harbor Coin Co Inc

1707 7th St, Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096

(847) 872-3560

Why should I buy silver?.

There has been a growing interest in investing in silver because of different reasons. The fact that big institutions have heavily invested I silver in one way or another. One thing that sometimes make silver become second in the pecking order is the spotlight given to gold. This has started to change because it has been on a certain trend that means a lot to investors. Silver has become less prone to price manipulation. The new mathematical way of calculating the price of silver means it is more secure and gives better returns if the right strategy is followed.

Silver has been one of the most active commodities in the market. The newer modes of training will change this and level it, making it a good investment option. The fact that many investors are looking for ways to buy silver is a good sign that the future is bright.

Silver has a number of factors that affect its value but mainly boils down to supply and demand. Many industries and technological advancements can affect the price of silver. Some of the industries that uses silver includes cell phones, solar panels, mirrors, engines and many others. Modern medicine has also played a part in making silver valuable because of its use in x-rays, antibacterial creams etc.

History has proved that after episodes of printing, then there is inflation down the road.  There even cases of hyper-inflation that leads to economic collapse and rendering many investments. People who invested in precious metals during such episodes did not get hit hard like the others. They were able to sell the metals later and recovered the true value of their money.

Another factor that makes silver a good commodity to trade in because many of the silver come from countries rocked with political turmoil, undeveloped economies and labor unrest.